Madison Street Capital Is Committed To Give Napoleon Machine The Needed Financial Advice and Credit Facility, CEO

“Guided by our core values, we are committed to give the best advice and arrange for the financial credit that may be needed to Napoleon Machine,” said Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway. Those words by MSC Chief Executive Officer were what marked the start of a long-term relationship between Madison Street Capital and Napoleon Machine. The CEO was making the announcement recently when his company initiated a credit facility that is aimed at assisting Napoleon Machine to expand and better its services to clients.


Napoleon Machine came into being in 2010. When entering the market, it came as an ISO 9001:2008. This means that the company is certified to offer various manufacturing services to many companies especially those that deal with steel. Among the services that are known to be offered by Napoleon include light assembly, metal fabricating that is customized to meet the needs of individual firms, painting as well as precision machining. But over the years, it has not been easy to meet the ever-increasing client demands. “It is for this reason that we had to reach out for help from Madison Street Capital,” says Napoleon president Kevin Febrey. Kevin adds that the Madison team that Napoleon talked to was patient and approachable. “The Madison Street Capital team is a commendable one. It listened to us. It was clear from the word go that this is the right team to help us. And indeed, it is. We are happy that you took your time to listen to us,” said Kevin.


When issuing the credit facility to Napoleon, Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway together with VP Capital Markets Steven Richards and Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director said that they are committed to seeing Napoleon grow. “We aim to help startups and big companies expand and meet their target. That makes us happy, and we’ll continue to be with you. We have also put in place substantive measures to help you hit your goals even further.


For many years, Madison Street Capital has stood out as a quality-assured investment and banking firm that solidly helps other companies to grow. It continues to do this by its provision of high-end services thanks to excellent leadership qualities, committed integrity, and prompt service delivery that is done 24/7. These are the services that have helped many other companies succeed in today’s ever-changing business climate. No doubt Napoleon Machine is set to meet its global millennium goals as long as they are receiving the advice and credit facility backing from Madison Street Capital.


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Richard Blair’s Three Pillars to Wealth Solutions

Financial planning is an important part of our lives and with the ever-changing financial markets, it’s important that wealth strategies are carefully-planned and up to date. Time is always an issue for busy people, but they need to keep up with trends to ensure our financial plans are on track to meet our long-term financial goals. To do this alone for most people is daunting because in our busy lives time doesn’t always allow for us to see all the potholes on our road to financial success.


Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm and is the answer to plotting a roadmap to financial success. Richard Blair founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions can put us on the right road to our goals. Mr. Blair takes the ‘Three Pillar‘ approach to long-term financial planning. First, the Wealth Solution team will identify our goals, strengths, and tolerances for risk and second they can help us layout a strategy that is long-term and unique to our needs. The third pillar comes after we are on our road to wealth by carefully planning out how to ride the storms of life.


Wealth Solutions will teach us about the three keys that open the door to our financial goals and those keys are an investment over time, the proper route to savings, and avoiding debt. Wealth Solutions offers financial management, financial and retirement planning through investment, insurance, tax, and estate planning. Wealth Solutions offers asset preservation, advisory and the Wealth Solutions holistic retirement planning services The firm understands the changing market and offers solutions for wealth strategies to change with the industry.


Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions to make a difference to families and small business owners on their rocky road to financial success. Richard Blair’s mother and grandmother were teachers and he learned the importance of education, but after one year in the financial services industry after college graduation, Mr. Blair founded Wealth Solutions. His belief in education is at the core of Wealth Solutions and it guides us to rewarding investments and finance.


Mr. Blair brings over 20 years of experience to Wealth Solutions and he enjoys the challenges of helping others over their financial road. Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston and holds a long list of certifications in the financial industry. He is a family man who spends his free time with his wife and three children.


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