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Betsy DeVos is an outsider who can provide the reform she promised for her supporters. Also, according to the political financing agencies, the DeVos couple donated a total of 47.5 million dollars to the Grand Old Party (GOP) from 2000 to 2015. Remember, she is the Secretary of Education, and she oversees an annual budget of 68 billion dollars.


Republican billionaire Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the new Secretary of Education during a very close vote in the Senate. She has also devoted her recent career to the cause of privatization of education. Also, the Republican Betsy DeVos is the spouse of Dick DeVos, a billionaire whose father established Amway, a multilevel marketing business enterprise that became a large multinational company. At the national level, Betsy DeVos also founded the American Federation for Children in 2010 to support the privatization of education.


Republican billionaire Betsy Devos, 59, was highly contested and her appointment as Secretary of Education was confirmed only by the casting vote of the Vice-President. Her donations were a detail that drove Vermont senator and former Democratic nomination candidate Bernie Sanders to ask, “Do you think you’d be here today without these donations?” For Betsy DeVos, the answer is yes.


One vote confirmed Republican billionaire Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education with a very close majority in the Senate. According to her supporters: Betsy DeVos is a reformist, and she’ll make a great new Secretary of Education for our children. However, the billionaire is not the only one engaged in a frontal fight against the department for which she is now in charge.


Donald Trump also wrote on Twitter to protest her treatment by the Democrats in the Senate. Her proponents stress the point that the appearance of this “outsider” corresponds to the most significant possibility of changing a substandard strategy to implementing schooling, and one that is inferior to various other first world nations across the planet. The U.S. Senate majority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, was delighted after Betsy DeVos was confirmed to the role of Secretary for Education in a very close vote in the Senate on February 7, 2017, at the Washington Capitol.


Questioned by a Democratic senator, the soon-to-be new Secretary of Education was unable to come up with a specific promise not to privatize public educational facilities or even reduce the public schooling spending plan. She is also a Secretary of Education who supports private schools and homeschooling. Also, Betsy DeVos and her husband have reportedly given to the Republican Party more than $200 million in total. She also chaired the party’s local branch.


Her detractors interrogated her tirelessly to catch her at fault. However, the new Secretary of Education was able to defend her principles in the face of harsh criticism. She is also one of the most controversial of U.S. President Donald Trump’s department heads, because of her reformist stance on public education. She has stated that she would like to offer parents a compelling alternative to public schools, and as a consequence, they may choose to send their children to religious and private schools.


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The Many Faces of Betsy Devos

2017 has been a volatile political year, to say the least, as the public has made the adjustment to a new President with no political background, (besides running for office) who also has a habit of filling governmental offices with leaders who often lack hands-on experience in the departments they are assigned to lead.


Case in point is President Trump’s appointment of the billionaire conservative political activist Betsy Devos to the position of Education Secretary. Though Devos has had a background in championing the use of vouchers so that students can attend religiously-run charter schools, she has little experience in running public schools. By the same token, her action regarding charter schools has drawn criticism from some political watchers. Ultimately, Devos’ actions in support of vouchers are seen by many as a way for her to move government money over to church activities, which is in violation of the constitutional ideal of the separation of church and state.



The Public and Private Face of Betsy Devos on Transgender Issues


Devos has been weathering many public relations storms since her appointment, and one area where she’s been involved in a controversy is on the issue of transgender students use of bathrooms that match their current gender identification. The Obama administration passed a policy in support of transgender students being able to use restrooms matching their current gender, but the Trump administration has now moved to rescind the ruling. In public, Betsy Devos seemed to support the actions of the Trump administration. Her attitude showed her to be following along with Trump, as she deemed the Obama administration’s move an example of “overreach” by the government. Insiders who know Devos, however, have reported that in private, she met with the representative of a group of transgender and gay employees who work in the education department, with the goal of warning them in advance of the ruling, so they could have time to prepare.


All of this speaks to what some people feel is an inconsistency in Ms. Devos views. While Ms. Devos publicly has a warm and graceful persona (which could be construed as “meek”) the fact is that those who have known her from her political actions back in Michigan say in reality she is tough political operator who is not above using her family fortune to influence political outcomes and take down those who cross her.


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