Isabel dos Santos’ success in investing

Isabel dos Santos is a Russian-Angolan entrepreneur, an investor with various holdings and the firstborn daughter of the former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who served between 1979 and 2017. She was born in 1973 in Baku, Azerbaijan (Positivethefacts).

Nowadays she is recognized as the wealthiest woman in Africa with a net worth of about $3.5 billion as of August 2017.

Education and Career

Isabel dos Santos studied a girl’s school in Kent, Cobham Hall and later joined King’s College in London where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. In the first twenty years of her career, she has held various executive positions in different companies under the European stock exchange and later into investments in various institutions globally; Portugal, Gibraltar, Germany, and Angola.

Women Empowerment

Isabel dos Santos has contributed significantly in empowering young women as discussed in the United Nations debate held in New York, United States. She aims at transforming the African society through women in encouraging their education, employment opportunities and in developing the potential of men in the economic growth. As the wealthiest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes that young women also have a possibility of access to equal services same like men and help in the economic growth of their countries, especially Angola.

Similarly, Isabel dos Santos engages young people in universities, institutions and the villages in motivating them on the power of entrepreneurial careers. She uses her role in welcoming famous and successful businesspersons to encourage the young on the benefits of entrepreneurship. Isabel dos Santos motives through the use of modern technology and artificial intelligence ensure that young people work hard to develop the continent of Africa.

Isabel dos Santos´ Charity Work

Isabel dos Santos is a devoted woman who involves in donations and charity work through her initiatives all around Africa. She often seeks talented individuals in the society of entrepreneurship through inspirations, supporting them academically and in offering them motivational talks. Isabel dos Santos established various sponsorship programs and social ventures which help young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Also, she involved in donations to support needy children with education and healthcare and in ensuring that young women in society do not suffer due to poverty while they can upkeep themselves.

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