Isabel dos Santos’ success in investing

Isabel dos Santos is a Russian-Angolan entrepreneur, an investor with various holdings and the firstborn daughter of the former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who served between 1979 and 2017. She was born in 1973 in Baku, Azerbaijan (Positivethefacts).

Nowadays she is recognized as the wealthiest woman in Africa with a net worth of about $3.5 billion as of August 2017.

Education and Career

Isabel dos Santos studied a girl’s school in Kent, Cobham Hall and later joined King’s College in London where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. In the first twenty years of her career, she has held various executive positions in different companies under the European stock exchange and later into investments in various institutions globally; Portugal, Gibraltar, Germany, and Angola.

Women Empowerment

Isabel dos Santos has contributed significantly in empowering young women as discussed in the United Nations debate held in New York, United States. She aims at transforming the African society through women in encouraging their education, employment opportunities and in developing the potential of men in the economic growth. As the wealthiest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes that young women also have a possibility of access to equal services same like men and help in the economic growth of their countries, especially Angola.

Similarly, Isabel dos Santos engages young people in universities, institutions and the villages in motivating them on the power of entrepreneurial careers. She uses her role in welcoming famous and successful businesspersons to encourage the young on the benefits of entrepreneurship. Isabel dos Santos motives through the use of modern technology and artificial intelligence ensure that young people work hard to develop the continent of Africa.

Isabel dos Santos´ Charity Work

Isabel dos Santos is a devoted woman who involves in donations and charity work through her initiatives all around Africa. She often seeks talented individuals in the society of entrepreneurship through inspirations, supporting them academically and in offering them motivational talks. Isabel dos Santos established various sponsorship programs and social ventures which help young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Also, she involved in donations to support needy children with education and healthcare and in ensuring that young women in society do not suffer due to poverty while they can upkeep themselves.

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The Role Played by Allied Wallet in Developing E-commerce.

Allied Wallets Inc Company is highly regarded for providing fast online payment for thousands of multi-level business across the globe. The company was founded in 2002 by Andy Khawaja. He is respected as a man of insightful ideas. His passion for tech led thrilled him to invest in the tech industry. Allied Wallet offers its banking services at a low rate in comparison with other banking institution.

Importance of Operating with Allied Wallets

Allied wallets are renowned for providing a wide range of solution to multi-level entrepreneurs. It offers its operation in more than one hundred countries with different currencies. Most importantly it is honored for its security measures in encrypting data of the clients. Clients have shown a positive reaction to the company culture of operation. Money transfer from one bank to another is effortless and safe.

Along with that, they provide a 98% approval rate for loan and operates 24/7. Clients are served at their convenient time, place and location without any hindrance. Unlike others, it is easy to track your transaction using their system. Additionally, opening an account with Allied Wallet can be done online without visiting their offices.

Small and Medium Enterprise

Allied Wallet helps small and medium enterprises to display their products. The company shows solid support to local artist globally by assisting them in creating a website to showcase their talents to billions of users globally.

More also, clothes designers and entrepreneurs are privileged to showcase their talents and innovative ideas. Tech experts, Allied Wallets Inc., has provided a platform for business to interact with customers across the globe. It is quick and safe to conduct direct selling of products with prominent business. Additionally, the online platform initiated by Allied Wallet opened a room for exchange of culture and value between different communities.

Allied Wallets has gained trust from its clients for the professionalism of their skilled employees, who treat the clients with discretion. They believe honest, transparency and accountability in providing services to its clients.

Social Media

Allied Wallet provides diverse services; they have on online dating websites that help people to interact and find their soul mates. Furthermore, tech experts have hundreds of games on their sites to entertain their clients.

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Shafik Sachedina- A dental surgeon and a philanthropist

Shafik Sachedina is one of the founders and co-chair of Sussex Healthcare company, a UK based caregiving healthcare firm. He was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania but moved to the United Kingdom in pursuit of higher education. He graduated from Guy’s Hospital Dental School at the University of London and started a career as a dental surgeon. He’s a prominent figure in the Ismaili Community since he has served as the head of the department of the Jamati Institutions under the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. Sachedina is also a member of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee as well as the Aga Khan Development Network. Previously, he has served as the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom for two terms.

Shafik Sachedina created Sussex Healthcare in partnership with his friend in the hospitality industry Shiraz Boghani. They combined their experience in medical and hospitality industries to create a facility that would take care of the underprivileged in the society. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at

Shafik Sachedina apart from practicing as a dental surgeon, he is keen on helping the community in various development activities. Among the organizations, he has worked with is the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This organization was founded in 1977, and one of its main goals is to create awareness about the Islamic culture by promoting the Islamic religion in all parts of the world. Today, the Institute of Ismaili Studies has the largest collection of publications on promoting Islamic culture and religion.

Shafik Sachedina has held various positions in this organization. For many years, he has been charged with the mandate of ensuring that the operations of the condition are smooth and efficient. He is responsible for the operations of the organization in 16 different counties. He also serves as a board member of this organization meaning that he is a major player in the decision-making process of the Institute.

Through his contributions to the Institute of Ismaili Studies and Sussex Healthcare Company, it is clear that Shafik Sachedina is committed on matters that will enhance the growth of important community initiatives.

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Paul Mampilly predicts appreciation of property market to stop

Paul Mampilly is a highly successful investment adviser in the United States. He is one of the people who are respected when it comes to matters of finances. He regularly appears on business media to give opinions on various matters that are related to the business sector. He appears on business channels such as Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business News. Since he took up the decision of leaving Wall Street and concentrate on advising the average American investors, he has made a significant impact in the country. Many investors who could not make profits from the market are now making huge returns by following his advice. Paul Mampilly was born in India came to the United States at the age of 18 years. His initial intention was to pursue higher education, but after completing college, he decided to make the United States his permanent home. He joined a Bankers Trust is an assistant portfolio manager in 1991, and since then he has worked with many large financial organizations in the country. Paul Mampilly began various efforts to help the average American investors to understand what it takes to make profitable investments. Mampilly publishes materials through the Banyan Hill Publishing Company that are meant to inform the average investors on some of the opportunities that are in the market. He’s also trying as much as possible to help the average investors to understand how to analyze various investment options. Paul is respected, and any time he predicts the business sector, many investors follow him to the letter. In 2019, he has made some predictions that are likely to take place. These are predictions that every person who is making investments should consider before committing any funds. Paul Mampilly has predicted that 2019 will come with changes to the property market. For the past decade, there has been a significant annual increase in home value in the country. However, in starting 2019, the appreciation will stop, and now it will take more time for investors how to make money from their investments. In previous years, the average appreciation has been between five and seven percent, but from 2019, Paul Mampilly expects this rate to drop. From this change, he predicts that the spending power of many Americans will go down. Can Blockchain Put an End to Identity Theft? Paul Mampilly Thinks So. 

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Infrastructural Investments Key in Economic Development- Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in infrastructural projects with experience that spans over a decade. Felipe has skills in business management and financial services. He has worked in small and large institutions since he kickstarted his professional career in Brazil. He has honed his leadership skills over time and earned recognition as one of the business gurus in Brazil. Felipe has worked in top management positions of different companies in Brazil. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and is a committed advocate for environmental sustainability. Felipe Montoro Jens explains that for Brazil to achieve economic growth public investment is inevitable. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to continue the conversation.

Felipe Montoro Jens input on public-private partnership

Felipe Montoro Jens states that collaboration between the government and private sector is par-amount in the development of the country. He says that Brazil cities have lagged as compared to other international cities due to inadequate allocation of funds in the infrastructural develop-ments. He urges private enterprises and the government to strike a deal to hasten the partner-ship for the benefit of the country. Felipe Montoro Jens points out that poor infrastructures do not entice foreign investors to come into the country. Lack of foreign investors leads to low for-eign capital investments, which may cause the economy to plunge into debts.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that a nation that lacks foreign capital investments wholly depends on its exports and imports. When the imports exceed the level of exports, the country is going to fall into debts. A state with adequate foreign capital investments will be able to navigate with-out the need for taking debts when the imports exceed exports.

Felipe Montoro also points out that urban centers should focus on improving essential services such as the sewerage systems, water management, and transport infrastructural development. He says that the government should enhance the education and healthcare sectors to promote eco-nomic growth.

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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Launched An E-Commerce Giant

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of, an e-commerce giant that Forbes recently estimated to be worth $12 billion. As the CEO, Richard Liu used his business savvy and adaptability to make the business the success that it is; this can be best shown by the variety of struggles that the man and the company had to go through over the past two decades.

Richard Liu originally studied Sociology at University, but upon graduation, he realized that he wouldn’t end up getting a high-paying job with his degree. This led him to learn new skills and find a different career path; he settled on Computer Science and eventually began working as a freelance coder. With these skills, he was noticed by Japan Life, a large-scale natural supplement provider; within two years with the company, he was named Director of Computers. However, Richard Liu Qiandong was raised by his parents with an entrepreneurial spirit that couldn’t be ignored anymore.

Because of that, he opened a store named Jingdong that sold magneto-optical products; however, it was his passion for customer service that originally made the company successful. As such the Jingdong began to grow and eventually had 12 stores around the city. However, tragedy struck China in the form of a SARS outbreak, and this made contact with customers difficult. Because of that, he began slowly closing his stores while moving his business online. After two years, Richard Liu had closed each of the stores and now sold his products exclusively online.

Seeing the success of, many manufacturers started coming to Richard Liu Qiangdong with offers of partnership. This led to a variety of products being introduced to the website in a short period. With the popularity of the site soaring, Richard Liu began entering into talks with luxury brands that weren’t already available in China. Once these talks led to partnerships, was the sole official distributor of many of these high-quality brands. As a result of this, now boasts over 100 million active users; Forbes has also estimated that it’s worth as much as $12 billion.

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Jason Hope Philanthropy

Jason has been a successful entrepreneur and investor for a long time. He is also a philanthropist who has supported various research programs. Due to his passion in science, he has contributed hugely towards great scientific research foundations. His donation of $500, 000 in 2010 brought a notable change to the SENS Research Foundation. Apart from science, he is interested in other researches that bring innovations such as smart technology and automation.

Jason also encourages people to find a charitable organization where they can get their passion and donate their time or money to make a national and international change.

Jason Hope SENS

Through his half-million dollar donation and contribution from others, SEN managed to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. These donations also helped the organization to launch a research program.

Jason Hope expressed his happiness and satisfaction with the donation he made to SENS Research Foundation citing its ambition to create a longer and better life quality. His interest in anti-aging is not living forever but reducing the rate of aging.

According to him, SENS is trying to find a cure for illnesses and disorders that destroy the quality of the body and make humans age faster than they should. Jason believes that lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease are some of the causes of fast aging. He explained that they have more adverse effects not only to the lungs and the mind but also the human body, leading to its premature breakdown.

The reason SENS has taken a different methodology to solve the problem of anti-aging is that traditional medicine address the situation after it has happened. Jason Hope said that they are focusing on stopping the diseases from attacking humans completely.

AGE-breaker is a development program started by SENS. A medicine or treatment must be capable of breaking down the end products resulting from glycation to fit the standards set for the AGE-breaker program. It should be able to deal with the waste resulting from metabolism since this waste can cause deterioration. A perfect example of degenerative processes is the loss of skin elasticity in old people. Jason Hope says that the existing age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis have dominated the human race due to little research in the field. He said that he would encourage people to donate since the research is crucial.

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