The Chainsmokers: “Sick Boy” Reflects on the Narcissism in the Social Media Age

It isn’t very often that the music industry sees bands like the Chainsmokers. The iconic DJ duo continues to rise up the charts with their unique music styles that combine great beats with memorable lyrics. While most music in the genre seems to focus on parting and loving life, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall enjoy producing music that hits the listener on a more serious level by addressing issues in life that are rarely talked about out loud much less in the form of music. The newest releases of the Chainsmokers paint a striking and disturbingly accurate portrait of our social media obsessed society in the United States and around the world.

The Chainsmokers first formed in 2012 when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s manager suggested that they meet and start making music together. The two ended up getting along famously on both a professional and personal level and started producing music together immediately. They spent hours upon hours in the studio and at home creating music but never looked at it like work since they were so passionate about what they were doing. Even though being an international hit like the Chainsmokers can be stressful, the two have appreciated every moment of their fame.

When Taggart and Pall pursued their dream of musical stardom, they knew life would be different in the public eye. Their new single “Sick Boy” addresses this with hard-hitting lyrics that hit home to anyone who has ever spent a lot of time on social media. It’s easy to become narcissistic while on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it just comes naturally with the territory. While it’s healthy to some degree, the Chainsmokers admit, it can lead to obsession and a sort of identity crisis. While many seek the attention and approval of others, there appears to be a sort of disconnect and indifference to society outside of social media. Taggart and Pall may have “designed” their “prison” and are definitely not complaining about the fame that they have achieved, but they are exceptionally honest about the problems that come with it.

Betsy DeVos: Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Betsy and Dick DeVos are a golden couple of education. They have spent so much of their own personal wealth towards helping establish foundations, private schools, and scholarships. Betsy DeVos is the heir to the Prince Corporation and her family is known as one of the richest in the United States. There are a lot of people that believe that this status leaves her out of touch with the common folk, however, she has made it a mission to connect with them and find out what they need. It is children that she has shown the most care for, and that is why she has taken such a strong stance on school choice.


Betsy DeVos’ career has been very exciting when it comes to education. She has served as a strong member of many different committees. Her time at the Alliance for School Choice helps make a valuable impact towards her viewpoints when it comes to this issue. She also enjoyed time with the Acton Institute and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. All of these situations helped shape her and guide her towards the best choice for America’s children. She has worked with top individuals in this field and solidified herself as an expert when it comes to this topic. Much of her work now, is dedicated to advancing the will of school choice.


With such strong credentials, it is surprising that anyone would believe that Betsy DeVos is passive or openly compliant to the whims of others. She has never shown any indication of being pliable or willing to bend on the things that matter to her. Her career has shown that she is not willing to back down no matter what, this isn’t something that is going to change simply because she has been elected to an even more important office. If anything, it would be one of the reasons why it is so important for her to remain steadfast in her motives. She would not be doing the people who appointed her justice nor herself justice if she simply chose to bend the knee at the first opportunity of real influence on the education system.


When she was given the opportunity to prove this, she immediately pushed back against her superiors. Many people may remember the infamous change in transgender bathroom policies throughout public school systems. Betsy DeVos was not a supporter of this move, she believed that the original piece of legislation that allowed students to use the bathrooms that they identified with was more in line with what she believed was appropriate. She even publicly condemned this move and work closely with school officials to minimize the impact that this change would have on the students who would be affected. To this day, she continues to push back against things that she believes are unjust or unfair. She is a huge advocate for school choice, but she is also interested in creating an atmosphere in the school system that conveys an interest in learning for everyone.


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Alex Pall, Let The Chainsmoking Begin

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the two that make up the much beloved and appraised Chainsmokers Band. They feature a wide plethora of other musical artist and they believe in what it is they do and the hard work and effort required to reach their goals of being successful. While other musicians find the time to slack and procrastinate, the two only rely on becoming the best that they can be everyday of all day.

They have music that they currently make that has never reached a soul yet before and it is because of this that they are at such an advantage from the rest of the artists who try to step up to their standards. They know no bounds when it comes to testing their limits and they keep a good and solid record with the people who love and adore their musical tastes.

They mainly make the music for themselves and out of that loop of enjoying what it is that they produce others start to enjoy their music as well because it is out of their efforts to make the music sound good to them that they ensure the certainty that others will find it excellent just as much. Their work has always been driven by common values and higher limits that they both strive towards when approaching the music world with their original tracks.

The best part about making music for them is making each track an original feature that will tantalize the eardrums of those who listen to their musical creations. They met in the most curious of ways when Alex’s music manager gave him a heads up that an Andrew Taggart was coming down from Maine to audition for the new spot that his former band mate abandoned.

Andrew Taggart at the time was attending the halls of knowledge in Maine to get a solid knowledge base in the music realm, but then later found out about the opportunities presented to him which he then took immediate action upon. When Andrew Taggart showed up the two hit it off pretty good and at once they masterminded to create the beautiful works of art known across the globe today.