Betsy DeVos and The Philanthropy Roundtable

This article is an interview between U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, and an interviewer from the Philanthropy Roundtable about her work in education reform in general, and more specifically, her thoughts and reformative efforts regarding school choice. Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos, are both very active in the political world, and they are also very avid philanthropist–their charitable contributions to a variety of different charities add up to almost $140 million dollars over their lifetimes. Needless to say, the DeVos family are avid philanthropists, which is probably why The Philanthropy Roundtable chose DeVos for an interview. DeVos is also a reformist, working to reform the public education system so that it will become more successful in this country. She is perhaps best known as a leading advocate for the educational-choice movement, which is what most of this interview is focused on.


The interviewer begins by asking DeVos her thoughts on the progress regarding school choice that has been made both recently and in the past. DeVos gave an extremely optimistic response, stating that the progress is very evident, given the number of students who have begun participating in educational-choice programs and private schools (over 40,000 within the last year). She also makes the bold statement that our public schools are failing, and that the progress of the educational-choice movement is forcing people to take notice of this fact and act on it.


DeVos is then asked what sparked her interest in becoming a reformer and a supporter of this movement. She tells a story of visiting different schools when her daughter became of school-age. They visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids and fell in love with the atmosphere and the people. However, they noticed that a lot of the families that wanted their children to attend the school were low-income families. While DeVos’s family was well-equipped to pay for their daughter to attend, they knew other families were not, so they began paying the tuition of individuals from those families. This grew into a larger commitment and began their career as philanthropists and strong advocates for educational-choice.


Betsy DeVos then goes on to explain her belief in charter schools and why she thinks the educational-choice movement is so important for our country’s education system. She says that she is firmly against the idea that a child’s family’s zip-code has to determine where they can receive an education from. She believes that institutions like private schools, charter schools, and even homeschooling should be valid options for families who want to provide their children with a safe, stimulating environment and a great education, and that these options should be made more readily available to those that wish to employ them.


The interview ends with DeVos revealing her dream–that all parents, regardless of their situation, are able to choose what they believe to be the best educational system for their children, and that all students are given the resources to fulfill their potential in their education.


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The Brown Agency Has Central Texas’ Top Models And Actors

The Austin, Texas branch of the model and talent preparation and management organization The Brown Agency is quickly becoming a major force in Texas. Under the leadership of Reno, Nevada native and former model Justin Brown, the three year old company is helping a growing number of models and talented individuals to find work with some of the world’s most iconic and best known companies. Brown, who has a degree in business administration, worked as a model and held several positions in the industry. In Austin in 2008, he founded JB Models and Talent a model and talent preparation company. It became known as Wilhelmina Austin in 2010.


The modeling and acting agency, which specialized in training people to work in fashion, commercials, print, film and television, grew again in 2015. Justin Brown’s Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South, an acting preparation agency founded and run by Michael Bonnee. Together they re-launched as The Brown Agency. The new company, part of the global powerhouse The Brown Agency family, is now Central Texas’ largest full service modelling and acting agency. They have been able find their models and talent consistent work in some of the biggest fashion shows and with internationally known companies.


While Justin Brown is The Brown Agency’s president, Michael Bonnee, known for his expertise and success training actors, is now in charge of the new company’s theatrical division. Working together and drawing on the connections and resources of the larger Brown Agency, Austin, Texas based The Brown Agency has been able to ramp up the standards and expectations it has for its models and talent. The Justin Brown led agency now offers a more comprehensive set of training, preparation and management services and has a large and growing stable of the most unique-looking, beautiful models and extremely talented actors and actresses.


In Austin, The Brown Agency is able to select the best and most talented models and actors, work to make them more professional and find opportunities for them in the most lucrative and attention-grabbing markets around the world. The agency has gotten its charges work in commercials for Bright House, Dodge Ram, Landshark Beer, Bing, Converse, Ford, Holiday Inn, Sports Authority and on the TIGI Hair Show. The actors have appeared in programs on TNT, HBO and other major networks. Plus, they have secured roles in movies, theatre, industrial and commercial video, conventions, trade shows and corporate events. And they are making more money than ever before.


The Brown Agency has a host of models with a wide range of ages, styles and distinctive looks and talents. From their offices in Austin and Dallas, Texas, The Brown Agency can provide any type of model or actors clients want. You can visit their Instagram page.