Alex Pall, Let The Chainsmoking Begin

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the two that make up the much beloved and appraised Chainsmokers Band. They feature a wide plethora of other musical artist and they believe in what it is they do and the hard work and effort required to reach their goals of being successful. While other musicians find the time to slack and procrastinate, the two only rely on becoming the best that they can be everyday of all day.

They have music that they currently make that has never reached a soul yet before and it is because of this that they are at such an advantage from the rest of the artists who try to step up to their standards. They know no bounds when it comes to testing their limits and they keep a good and solid record with the people who love and adore their musical tastes.

They mainly make the music for themselves and out of that loop of enjoying what it is that they produce others start to enjoy their music as well because it is out of their efforts to make the music sound good to them that they ensure the certainty that others will find it excellent just as much. Their work has always been driven by common values and higher limits that they both strive towards when approaching the music world with their original tracks.

The best part about making music for them is making each track an original feature that will tantalize the eardrums of those who listen to their musical creations. They met in the most curious of ways when Alex’s music manager gave him a heads up that an Andrew Taggart was coming down from Maine to audition for the new spot that his former band mate abandoned.

Andrew Taggart at the time was attending the halls of knowledge in Maine to get a solid knowledge base in the music realm, but then later found out about the opportunities presented to him which he then took immediate action upon. When Andrew Taggart showed up the two hit it off pretty good and at once they masterminded to create the beautiful works of art known across the globe today.

Heal N Soothe Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

Over the years, Living Well Nutraceuticals has put in many resources in research for a natural pain reliever. Recently, they formulated herbal supplement called Heal N Soothe. It integrates systematic enzymes and natural pain relievers sourced from the surroundings. These pain relievers also have anti-inflammatory properties.

The components of Heal N Soothe complement each other. They cooperate symbiotically to curb inflammation and reduce pain in the whole body. It has been used over the years in many countries over the globe. Some refer to it as the Systemic Enzyme Therapy. Systemic implies the entire body. Systemic enzymes thus operate in the body as the whole by engaging every system and every organ. Enzymes are classified as biocatalysts. This is because they speed up processes. Proteins are paramount to defense against inflammation.

Pain and inflammation lower the quality of life. Enzymes are not antibiotics but they lower inflammation levels to a point where creation, regeneration, and repair of damaged vital tissues can occur. That increases recovery rates from sprains, bruises, fractures and general joint pains. These enzymes boost the immune system and also the circulatory system. Unlike over-the-counter NSAIDs such as aspirin, enzymes treat the underlying cause of ailment rather than the symptoms. Systemic enzymes that are used in the manufacture of Heal N Soothe cure without the side effects that often accompany synthetic drugs.

There are many naturally occurring pain relievers. About twelve of these are present in Heal N Soothe combined with systemic proteolytic enzymes. They enhance each other. Below is a summary of the ingredients in Heal N Soothe and their significance to the body.

• Bromelain. This was discovered in 1957 and is a pineapple extract. Studies have shown that it slows inflammation and prevents swelling. It also aids in the detoxification of the body.
• Turmeric and Papain Extract. These are root extracts of their plants. They have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are impermeable to COX-2 and 5-LOX that are primary causes of pain and swelling.
• Boswellia Extract. It is a traditional Indian medicine. It relieves both pain and inflammation. Also boosts circulation of blood.
• Ginger extract. It treats a wide range of ailments. It decreases the levels of prostaglandin that cause the feeling of pain.
• Devil’s Claws. This is a traditional medicine indigenous to Africa. It is both anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. Studies have shown it is as good as phenylbutazone in treating arthritis.
• Citrus Bioflavonoids. They Contain L-glutathione that prevents oxidative actions in the body by acting as a buffer.

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Vinod Gupta’s Dream is Now a Reality

Recently, the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) gave the latest rankings of learning institutions in India. These rankings are done yearly since 2005 by the government through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). The rankings are given through evaluation of the following parameters:

• The institution’s research and professional practices.
• The quality of teaching.
• The graduation outcome. This means the number of graduands that a school produces per annum.
• The school’s outreach to the surrounding community and the country at large.
• The general perception of Indian citizens about a particular school.

One of the most notable schools on these rankings was the Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM). This institution is based at IIT Kharagpur. The school was ranked seventh in the category of Management School. The graduation outcomes of VGSoM played the most prominent role in attaining this rank. The institution posted a score of 76.82 out of 100 in this category. The ranking body looked at various parameters in determining the graduation outcomes of the different schools.

They primarily checked the number of students who enrolled in the school against those who left. They also checked the number of Ph.D. students who graduated from each school.

Vinod Gupta started Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) in 1993. Mr. Gupta is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur, and he is also a lifetime fellow of the school. When he started the school, he wanted to make it the best management institution around. He has not failed in the vision as the school is now among the most coveted management institutions in the country.

VGSoM offers a wide range of programs. Some of these programs include MBA and Ph.D. in management. They also host numerous seminars to give students an opportunity to comprehend well what they are taught. The school has continually developed since its foundation 25 years ago, and it continues to be committed in the provision of quality education in management.

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Hiring the Expertise of Jeff Herman and His Law Firm

For any parent, knowing how to prevent sexual abuse in their kids is important to protecting their future well-being and happiness. The problem is that a lot of parents don’t know how to prevent this from happening, and so they are left trying to pick up the pieces that have happened as a result of sexual abuse. If you need to go to court because of this particular problem, you need a lawyer on your side who is specialized in these types of cases and can help you out in any way that they possibly can to help you out. This particular attorney is known as Jeff Herman, and he has worked on thousands of cases since his law firm has been in business.

Herman Law is one of the leading sexual abuse law firms in the nation, and this is why Jeff Herman has been working with lots of different people. He is able to work on cases involving kids, teens, adults and seniors. He works with hospital cases, nursing homes, schools, daycare centers and any other area where the abuse might have taken place. Even if the case involves friends or relatives, you can make use of Jeff Herman and know that this professional is there to help you out as much as possible.

There are lots of problems that can come as a result of sexual abuse. If you have been struggling with the abuse and the aftermath of it without getting the justice that you need and want, Jeff Herman can get that justice for you as well as any compensation that you might be entitled to right now. Be sure to take a look at this as an option and contact Jeff Herman if you would like some more information and need to know what is necessary to begin putting a case together. Before you know it, you are going to be working with Jeff Herman and getting the justice that you need and getting your abuser behind bars because of what they did to you or to someone you love and who is now suffering.

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Betsy DeVos and The Philanthropy Roundtable

This article is an interview between U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, and an interviewer from the Philanthropy Roundtable about her work in education reform in general, and more specifically, her thoughts and reformative efforts regarding school choice. Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos, are both very active in the political world, and they are also very avid philanthropist–their charitable contributions to a variety of different charities add up to almost $140 million dollars over their lifetimes. Needless to say, the DeVos family are avid philanthropists, which is probably why The Philanthropy Roundtable chose DeVos for an interview. DeVos is also a reformist, working to reform the public education system so that it will become more successful in this country. She is perhaps best known as a leading advocate for the educational-choice movement, which is what most of this interview is focused on.


The interviewer begins by asking DeVos her thoughts on the progress regarding school choice that has been made both recently and in the past. DeVos gave an extremely optimistic response, stating that the progress is very evident, given the number of students who have begun participating in educational-choice programs and private schools (over 40,000 within the last year). She also makes the bold statement that our public schools are failing, and that the progress of the educational-choice movement is forcing people to take notice of this fact and act on it.


DeVos is then asked what sparked her interest in becoming a reformer and a supporter of this movement. She tells a story of visiting different schools when her daughter became of school-age. They visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids and fell in love with the atmosphere and the people. However, they noticed that a lot of the families that wanted their children to attend the school were low-income families. While DeVos’s family was well-equipped to pay for their daughter to attend, they knew other families were not, so they began paying the tuition of individuals from those families. This grew into a larger commitment and began their career as philanthropists and strong advocates for educational-choice.


Betsy DeVos then goes on to explain her belief in charter schools and why she thinks the educational-choice movement is so important for our country’s education system. She says that she is firmly against the idea that a child’s family’s zip-code has to determine where they can receive an education from. She believes that institutions like private schools, charter schools, and even homeschooling should be valid options for families who want to provide their children with a safe, stimulating environment and a great education, and that these options should be made more readily available to those that wish to employ them.


The interview ends with DeVos revealing her dream–that all parents, regardless of their situation, are able to choose what they believe to be the best educational system for their children, and that all students are given the resources to fulfill their potential in their education.


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The Brown Agency Has Central Texas’ Top Models And Actors

The Austin, Texas branch of the model and talent preparation and management organization The Brown Agency is quickly becoming a major force in Texas. Under the leadership of Reno, Nevada native and former model Justin Brown, the three year old company is helping a growing number of models and talented individuals to find work with some of the world’s most iconic and best known companies. Brown, who has a degree in business administration, worked as a model and held several positions in the industry. In Austin in 2008, he founded JB Models and Talent a model and talent preparation company. It became known as Wilhelmina Austin in 2010.


The modeling and acting agency, which specialized in training people to work in fashion, commercials, print, film and television, grew again in 2015. Justin Brown’s Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South, an acting preparation agency founded and run by Michael Bonnee. Together they re-launched as The Brown Agency. The new company, part of the global powerhouse The Brown Agency family, is now Central Texas’ largest full service modelling and acting agency. They have been able find their models and talent consistent work in some of the biggest fashion shows and with internationally known companies.


While Justin Brown is The Brown Agency’s president, Michael Bonnee, known for his expertise and success training actors, is now in charge of the new company’s theatrical division. Working together and drawing on the connections and resources of the larger Brown Agency, Austin, Texas based The Brown Agency has been able to ramp up the standards and expectations it has for its models and talent. The Justin Brown led agency now offers a more comprehensive set of training, preparation and management services and has a large and growing stable of the most unique-looking, beautiful models and extremely talented actors and actresses.


In Austin, The Brown Agency is able to select the best and most talented models and actors, work to make them more professional and find opportunities for them in the most lucrative and attention-grabbing markets around the world. The agency has gotten its charges work in commercials for Bright House, Dodge Ram, Landshark Beer, Bing, Converse, Ford, Holiday Inn, Sports Authority and on the TIGI Hair Show. The actors have appeared in programs on TNT, HBO and other major networks. Plus, they have secured roles in movies, theatre, industrial and commercial video, conventions, trade shows and corporate events. And they are making more money than ever before.


The Brown Agency has a host of models with a wide range of ages, styles and distinctive looks and talents. From their offices in Austin and Dallas, Texas, The Brown Agency can provide any type of model or actors clients want. You can visit their Instagram page.


Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Tycoon

Hussain Sajwani is a business tycoon born with a humble beginning. He was influenced by his father who owned a watch shop at a very tender age. He learned from his father how to deal with business issues. He was motivated by his father’s hard work, ambition and dedication.


The spirit of entrepreneurship was embedded in him at very young age. He ventured out on his own with determination to succeed in his pursuit of knowledge and business. He was taught the importance of education by his parents. Hussain Sajwani enrolled at the University of Washington to further his education. He graduated and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics.


He started his career in 1981 and worked with the National oil company as a contract manager. He later moved on and started a successful catering business with customers all over the Middle East including the United States military in Kuwait and Iraq. He continued to pursue his passion in business. He founded and started another business in 2002 known as DAMAC. This business was created out of motivation, dedication and hard work.


DAMAC has grown to be the largest property development in Dubai. His property covers vast areas of expertise including marketing, sales, legal, finance, customer service. DAMAC projects have expanded globally. Hussain Sajwani is a giant in Real Estate business and inspiration to many across the globe.


DAMAC specializes in developing Luxury apartments, commercial leisure properties across the Middle East and the United Kingdom. DAMAC is known as the leading luxury developer in Real Estate. They are committed to developing dream homes and exceptional living ideas to their customers all over the world in Real Estate Industry. Their style and elegance have set the standard high for their competitors in Real Estate.

DAMAC does not only develop luxury properties, they are committed to delivering excellent customer service by providing the right working environment for his employees. They always strive for Customer satisfaction and retention.


The DAMAC owner has a lot in common with Mr. Trump. They are both billionaires and real estate tycoons. He is friends with the Trumps and his is working to maintain their business relationship with the Trump organization. Mr. Trump being the President has helped to enhance his business profile. DAMAC has developed many projects including a golf course designed by tiger woods and managed by President Trump family organization, and many luxury apartments.


Over many years Hussain Sajwani has contributed to so many philanthropic activities including Emirates Red Crescent, Dubai Cares, and Dar Al Ber Society. Hussain Sajwani is truly a visionary with impeccable wit. If you are looking for luxury in Real Estate visit DAMAC website for more information.


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Jeremy Goldstein on How Company’s Can Include Stock Options

There has been a changing dynamic amongst many of the world’s most prominent corporations in recent years, and these days, stock options are no longer offered to employees at the rate that they once were. The reason for this change is usually due to increased costs associated with accounting, yet there are also a number of other factors that have contributed to this changing of the guard involving company practices. A few of the reasons for this sharp change in practice amongst these companies include incurring the risk of option overhang, the effects of economic downturns, and the fact that employees often consider increased salary as a better incentive. One of the best alternatives for companies who still prefer offering stock options to there staff members is to include a knockout clause. By including a knockout clause, the risk of option overhang is considerably reduced, as well as the cost associated with the additional accounting steps. A knockout clause is effective because, in the chance that the value of the company’s stock drops significantly, the option becomes completely void.

As the founder of his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC, Jeremy Goldstein has been very active in some of the most momentous business transactions of the last ten years. Playing an integral role in United Technologies Corporation’s acquisition of Goodrich, as well as the deal between Miller Brewing Company and South African Breweries PLC, Jeremy Goldstein is the current chair of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee belonging to the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. In recent years, Mr. Goldstein has been named as one of the best executive compensations lawyers in the United States by prestigious directories such as The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Aside from heading Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC, Mr. Goldstein is also a very active contributor of articles regarding corporate governance and executive compensation, and he currently sits on the Board of Directors at Fountain House, which is a developing charity geared at helping men and women overcome issues associated with mental illness. Prior to founding Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, he was a partner with another firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and New York University School of Law, receiving his Bachelor of the Arts, J.D., and M.S.


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Richard Blair’s Three Pillars to Wealth Solutions

Financial planning is an important part of our lives and with the ever-changing financial markets, it’s important that wealth strategies are carefully-planned and up to date. Time is always an issue for busy people, but they need to keep up with trends to ensure our financial plans are on track to meet our long-term financial goals. To do this alone for most people is daunting because in our busy lives time doesn’t always allow for us to see all the potholes on our road to financial success.


Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm and is the answer to plotting a roadmap to financial success. Richard Blair founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions can put us on the right road to our goals. Mr. Blair takes the ‘Three Pillar‘ approach to long-term financial planning. First, the Wealth Solution team will identify our goals, strengths, and tolerances for risk and second they can help us layout a strategy that is long-term and unique to our needs. The third pillar comes after we are on our road to wealth by carefully planning out how to ride the storms of life.


Wealth Solutions will teach us about the three keys that open the door to our financial goals and those keys are an investment over time, the proper route to savings, and avoiding debt. Wealth Solutions offers financial management, financial and retirement planning through investment, insurance, tax, and estate planning. Wealth Solutions offers asset preservation, advisory and the Wealth Solutions holistic retirement planning services The firm understands the changing market and offers solutions for wealth strategies to change with the industry.


Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions to make a difference to families and small business owners on their rocky road to financial success. Richard Blair’s mother and grandmother were teachers and he learned the importance of education, but after one year in the financial services industry after college graduation, Mr. Blair founded Wealth Solutions. His belief in education is at the core of Wealth Solutions and it guides us to rewarding investments and finance.


Mr. Blair brings over 20 years of experience to Wealth Solutions and he enjoys the challenges of helping others over their financial road. Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston and holds a long list of certifications in the financial industry. He is a family man who spends his free time with his wife and three children.


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The Many Faces of Betsy Devos

2017 has been a volatile political year, to say the least, as the public has made the adjustment to a new President with no political background, (besides running for office) who also has a habit of filling governmental offices with leaders who often lack hands-on experience in the departments they are assigned to lead.


Case in point is President Trump’s appointment of the billionaire conservative political activist Betsy Devos to the position of Education Secretary. Though Devos has had a background in championing the use of vouchers so that students can attend religiously-run charter schools, she has little experience in running public schools. By the same token, her action regarding charter schools has drawn criticism from some political watchers. Ultimately, Devos’ actions in support of vouchers are seen by many as a way for her to move government money over to church activities, which is in violation of the constitutional ideal of the separation of church and state.



The Public and Private Face of Betsy Devos on Transgender Issues


Devos has been weathering many public relations storms since her appointment, and one area where she’s been involved in a controversy is on the issue of transgender students use of bathrooms that match their current gender identification. The Obama administration passed a policy in support of transgender students being able to use restrooms matching their current gender, but the Trump administration has now moved to rescind the ruling. In public, Betsy Devos seemed to support the actions of the Trump administration. Her attitude showed her to be following along with Trump, as she deemed the Obama administration’s move an example of “overreach” by the government. Insiders who know Devos, however, have reported that in private, she met with the representative of a group of transgender and gay employees who work in the education department, with the goal of warning them in advance of the ruling, so they could have time to prepare.


All of this speaks to what some people feel is an inconsistency in Ms. Devos views. While Ms. Devos publicly has a warm and graceful persona (which could be construed as “meek”) the fact is that those who have known her from her political actions back in Michigan say in reality she is tough political operator who is not above using her family fortune to influence political outcomes and take down those who cross her.


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