How Matt Baddiali turned from a Scientist to an Investor

Matt Badiali graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree at Penn State University and later studied at Florida Atlantic University where he pursued his master’s degree in geological science. He went ahead to pursue a PhD in North Carolina University. However, he did not fully engage in the sciences, but a friend who had a PhD in finance introduced him to the investment world.

Badiali’s expertise in geology and sciences attracted the financial expert who thought that their collaboration in investment would be fruitful. He was sure that Badiali would deliver great advice to the investment and they realized double returns after working together for only a short while.

That was the turning point of Badiali and has helped many investors since then. Matt Badiali remembered how his father struggled in investing and decided to come up with a plan that would help others to generate income more efficiently. Those who follow his advice and put it into practice enjoy their investments.

In May 2017, Matt Badiali started Real Wealth Strategist newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing. The newsletter has many subscribers who rely on stock recommendations outlined by Badiali to progress in their investments. The unique thing about Badiali’s advice is that he travels around to look for useful information from oil companies and wells. Additionally, he keeps in touch with top Chief Executive Officers of renowned companies who update him on the market situation. Matt takes his research in countries like Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland, Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, and Peru in search of investment information.

Matt Badiali is however categorical that writing a newsletter is not an easy task. It demands a high degree of knowledge in companies, science, finance, and markets to provide accurate information. He also suggests that succeed in writing; one should deliver more than what people are expecting. He adds that he writes an article every week for his free e-letter. Through the free e-letter, he develops a good relationship with subscribers by giving them free tips on how to generate money. They find him credible, trustworthy, and even before subscribing with cash to his newsletter.

Betsy DeVos Takes Center Stage In Washington D.C.

It could not be made any more clear that the American political scene is evolving and changing dramatically. The 2016 Presidential Election served as a litmus test for the nation and the results were astounding and overwhelming: the time for change was now and outsiders were going to lead the charge. After being sworn in, President Trump was quick to establish a cabinet filled to the brim with big names and even bigger bank accounts. Among Trump’s high-profile selections was Betsy DeVos, a devout Republican from the state of Michigan who had spent the prior 30 years championing conservative education reform. Betsy DeVos was brought on to work as the Secretary of Education and after her confirmation, she immediately got to it.


As an outsider, Betsy DeVos came to Washington D.C. with zero experience on her resume as a federal employee. In fact, this lack of experience is largely what seems to have propelled DeVos to the top of President Trump’s list of potential nominations. President Trump was adamant from the get-go that he bring in outsider politicians who could bring a new frame of reference to Washington D.C. While Betsy DeVos was a smaller name on his list of high-profile Cabinet members, she still brought with her a significant amount of clout and a history of working toward very clearly defined conservative goals.


Betsy DeVos is likely known as much for her political work as for her family background. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos, heir to the Amway business fortune, and sister to Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater — an overseas security firm. Born into incredible wealth, Betsy DeVos never let her station in life dictate the future of her work. Rather than relaxing and counting her income, Betsy DeVos would leave home in order to attend school with the hopes of learning ways to improve the world around her. As a self-proclaimed reformer, Betsy DeVos and the rest of her family have been hard at work for generations trying to sway the way the world around them operates for the better. Honing in on many conservative ideas, the DeVos name would soon become closely associated with the GOP on a broader scale.


As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos will continue pushing her belief in school choice. School choice was originally made popular by the writing of Milton Friedman but it has since grown into one of the core tenets of conservative education reform thanks to Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos believes that parents should be free to pursue the educational facilities of their choice for their children and that public funding should be made available in order to help fund their choices and improve the quality of their education.


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Background Information on Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry acts as the Head of the investors relations in Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the managing director of the group. He attended Edinburg University where he graduated with a degree in actuarial science. After completing his studies, he worked at the global investment firm Schroder. Later, he moved to the U.S where he was engaged with the Fortress Group. He is credited for coming up with overseas marketing strategies for the group. The group has been keen on moving to the Middle East and Europe. His duties in the organization entail supervising the pension funds and the wealth of the investment group. Gareth Henry further addresses the insurance relations of the company with other countries. In 2016, he became the managing director of the investor/.

Services Offered by the Fortress Investment Group

The creation of the Fortress Investment Group was influenced by the desire to improve investments by having better management approaches. It offers financial management services and coordinates the operations of many public corporations. The success of the Fortress Investment Group is linked to the experience and skills of its team. Gareth Henry has been committed to realizing the mission and vision of the group. In his position as the managing director, Gareth Henry oversees the operations of corporations such as the New Residential Investment Corps, New Senior Investment group and the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure group. To know more about him click here.

The Fortress Investment Group received the award of the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014. Moreover, it became one of the initial private equities to be enlisted in the foreign exchange platforms. It was listed in the NYSE in 2007 with the move making it possible to offer its shares to the public. In 2017, the shares of the group were acquired by the Softbank Group Corp. the move gave the company a global stance and had allowed the team to attract global investors. However, the group still retains its team and manages its operations as an independent venture. Focusing on the operations of the group indicates that it has a positive organizational culture that has been instrumental in improving its performances.

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Why Gareth Henry is recognized in the financial world

The financial industry is tricky nowadays, and it needs someone with the right knowledge and skills. Companies which do not employ people with the proper expertise end up losing money and failing in business. One of the financial advisors sought by different companies for being outstanding in the field is Gareth Henry. He has worked for large companies like Fortress Investment Group, and today he serves at Angelo, Gordon & Co. It is an alternative investment company which is based in New York. He was hired by the company and appointed to become the managing director. He is also the Global head of investor relations. He has accomplished a lot, and today he is happy with his achievements having become successful in math. When he went to study Actuarial mathematics and statistics, he knew he would achieve what he wanted in life.

Today Gareth Henry works at Angelo, Gordon and he has the opportunity to work with other professionals who have been recognized in the financial industry. It is an exciting moment for him to work for the company on an alternative investment. His work involves the expansion and development of a strong relationship with clients. He is the best in marketing, and he will help the company to attract customers from the global platform. He will also be looking to develop new products for the company as well as expanding the company.

It is now the best time for Gareth Henry to expand his career and create impact in the financial world. It is also the best opportunity for him to continue enhancing his knowledge in the finance industry. Gareth Henry is expected to take Angelo, Gordon & Co. to the next level. He will continue to establish a good relationship between clients and the company. His leadership is what is needed by the company to achieve its goals and success. Gareth Henry will be playing a pivotal role in helping to change the operations of the company for the better. He worked hard at Fortress Investment Group to make it successful, and he will do so at Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Ted Bauman’s Contribution towards Wealth Creation and Conservation

Financial security is a topic that worries many people around the world. Decisions that lead one to be comfortable in the future are often challenging to make and execute. Investments require research and analysis to have a better shot at success. Ted Bauman is making this kind of decisions more comfortable to make by providing insight and analysis of market trends to the masses. He is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishers where he edits The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. These publications focus mainly on asset protection, privacy, less risky investment strategies, and international migration issues. Through his work, he enables many people to make the right moves that will allow them to live a sovereign life.

Ted Bauman has been published by many publications including international ones like Small Business Enterprise, The Guardian and The Journal of Microfinance. In one of his recent articles, he advised on how one can protect wealth in case of a market crash. He detailed out that due to the dynamic nature of the markets, one should have a plan that works in both bull and bear markets. Ted Bauman argues that if one has a practical method, then the volatility of the stock markets won’t be a bother. Some of the strategies one should rope in their plan to protect investments include; investing in both stocks and bonds and creating a wall of protection around an investment portfolio. Shares are good for capitalizing when they are high while bonds protect one’s portfolio during market crashes.

With more than twenty years of experience in the financial milieu, Ted Bauman is well positioned to guide others. He has served as a consultant for top organizations like the United Nations, The World Bank, The Government of South Africa plus many more top European entities. He also worked for many years as a fund manager for NGO’s in South Africa where he experienced massive success. Even though he was born in Washington DC, he immigrated to South Africa for studies and ended up working there for some years. Bauman holds an MBA from the University of Georgia and a degree in Finance and History from the University of Cape Town.

Stream Energy Brings Joy to Homeless Children

A Philosophy of Giving

Stream Energy is one of the fastest growing electric companies in the South, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It keeps this philosophy always at heart when doing business, which is to give back to the community in which it does business. This philosophy was part of its founding philosophy. It sees itself as a company that loves to give back to benefit local people and businesses; in other words, to be active in building up the community it serves commercially. Stream Energy recently launched its own charitable organization called Stream Cares and it was launched a few months before Hurricane Harvey came to the Texas coastline and destroyed homes and businesses. Stream Cares worked with a local charitable organization called Hope Supply Company that works with homeless children and provided care for the thousands of families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Helping the Homless

Stream Energy began in 2005 with Rob Snyder and co-founder Pierre Koshakji. The company began to grow fast in giving excellent energy services to residential and commercial businesses. It soon became spread its services in seven states. Today Stream Energy prides itself on serving the people in Texas, Illinois, New York, Georgian, Washington, D.C., Maryland and New Jersey. Alongside its commercial enterprise Stream Energy continues its philanthropic efforts to provide financial and physical help to its local communities. For example, when the Texas Tornado struck Texas Stream Energy was there. It took the proceeds from its commercial side and offered it to help the survivors of the Texas Tornado.

Water Park Excursion for the Homeless

Recently, in collaboration with Hope Supply Company, Stream Cares gave 1000 homeless children a day they will never forget. It was an outing at a nearby Water Park and all expenses and meals were paid by Stream Cares. Volunteers from Stream Cares and Hope Supply Company were there to accompany the children around the park. Stream Cares works with nationally recognized non-profit groups like Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross and serves the people in areas it can have the greatest effect and where it does commercial business. Stream Cares also is on a mission to provide as much help as it can while supporting the needy and the homeless.

Boraie Development Has Star Power

New Jersey’s Boraie Development provides a wide range of services related to urban real estate development, management, and marketing. The family-owned company promises a dedication to providing superior service while creating and building spectacular properties. Thirty years of experience and success has helped Boraie build a reputation for quality.


In 2015, Boraie Development completed The Aspire, a new tower located in New Brunswick consisting of 238 designer apartments. Renters can choose between studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments. Regardless of their choice, everyone will enjoy the full service building and all the amenities and conveniences available.


According to NJBiz, Amenities include a full time doorman and parking with direct elevator access to the building. Diverse floor plans, designer finishes, high ceilings, gourmet kitchens, hardwood floors, huge closets, and unique bathroom details make The Aspire stand out. Big windows in each unit provide lots of natural light, and options are available for outdoor space. Balconies or terraces provide scenic views of the city, Johnson Park, or the Raritan River. Units also feature gas heating, and access to cable television and high-speed internet. Check out



A luxury lounge provides several televisions, internet access, outdoor seating, a dining table for twelve, a catering kitchen, and a pool table. A sky deck offers barbecue equipment, and a fitness center provides twenty-four hour access to state-of-the-art equipment. Residents also have access to a convenient online service that allows them to pay rent, coordinate deliveries, and receive messages. In addition, various dining and entertainment options are nearby. Located within easy walking distance of the train station is another plus. The Aspire is close to two hospitals and the downtown center of Rutgers University. All in all, The Inspire is a shining example of the pride Boraie has in building superior properties.


Shaquille O’Neal, who grew up in New Jersey, recognizes the work of Boraie Development, and in 2005, decided to put his name and money behind the company. O’Neal is instrumental in the planning stages, but lets Boraie Development handle the project details. The partnership has resulted in several commercial and residential development projects. One of their goals is to develop properties in the areas of the state with the most need. O’Neal stresses the commitment to doing the job right and says that instead of trying to do too much at once in too many places, he and Boraie Development “want to do one great project at a time.”



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OSI Group-Dedicated to Quality, Service and Innovation

Otto Kolschowsky had a vision when he opened his first small meat market in 1909. He knew his neighbors wanted and deserved the best quality meats of every kind at a fair price. His dedication to quality and good service met success and grew. The same dedication opened up new opportunities and markets as Otto developed the wholesale part of his business. It’s just that passion for quality and service that drives OSI Group to success as a leading global food supplier for meats and processed foods.

 A Hundred Years of Innovation

Being the best takes hard work, sacrifice, and innovation. Over the years, OSI group management, research teams, and forward thinking. Just after the second world war, Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky partnered as a beef supplier with up and coming restaurant franchise owner Ray Kroc. The phenomenal growth of McDonald’s created a corresponding need for innovation and growth for the brothers.

The pressure to provide consistent quality ground beef at an affordable cost to hundreds of restaurants opened the doors to new ways of handling the product, new ideas and innovations to keep up with demand without sacrificing the quality and service standards their father demanded from the beginning. Over time otto & Sons diversified.

Opening up new markets to exploit while remaining principal supplier for the fast food company demanded better logistics, processing and delivery systems. Each success spurred more growth but the company remained dedicated to holding fast to high standards for quality and service.

 Birth of a Giant

Out all this growth and innovation, OSI Group emerged in 1975. Now, the mega-corporation is a global leader in the food industry processing and shipping meats and processed foods from facilities all around the world.

New expansion in America, the Netherlands and Spain promise to bring OSI Group quality products to more markets while bringing new jobs and opportunities to communities across the planet

Wes Edens Has Created The Brightline Train Service To Revolutionize Commuter Travel

Commuters who routinely have to travel between the South Florida cities of Miami and West Palm Beach recently got some great news about an exciting new option that will greatly assist many in avoiding what has long been a taxing commute on the highway. This option is the Brighline train service that is the creation of Wes Edens. Wes is well known in the world of high finance as one of the top executives at legendary alternative asset management operation Fortress Investment Group. Fortress has the controlling interest in this railway service and the plans are to take it far beyond the state of Florida. This amazing high-speed train service also has the distinction of being the only privately owned train service for passengers that is currently operating in the United States.

Wes Edens has empasized that the plans are to expand the Brightline train service to other pairs of cities across the United States that may have similar needs. Routes such as Houston to Dallas, Atlanta to Charlotte and St. Louis to Chicago are routes that are under serious consideration. The first line for the Brighline service that opened in early 2018 was between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and Wes Edens would like to see the service eventually extend from Miami to Orlando.

One of the major reasons that Brightline is taking off and finding favor with some many users is the fact that it is highly cost effective. The cost of taking the service is far less than using an Uber or taxi and it is far quicker than trying to travel between these destinations in your own car. Brightline train services are able to achieve their high level of efficiency because they average a speed of around 80 mph.

The development of the Brightline train service has all been a part of the constantly on-the-go entrepreneurial work of Wes Edens. Beyond his work with Fortress Investment Group and the Brightline train, Wes is also a huge sports fan and professional sports owner. He is currently the co-owner of a major basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks who play in the NBA. As if all of this wasn’t keeping him busy enough, Wes is now becoming involved in English soccer club Aston Villa which he is now involved with as a part of a group that also includes Nassef Sawiris.

The Pioneer of Bundled Payments, Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a highly experienced clinician. She has a rich educational background from essential institutions, She went to the University of Colorado and pursued a bachelor’s in doctorate philosophy.

She later undertook a Masters in Business Administration in Loyola University Graduate School based in Chicago.

She is currently a hospital executive holding top positions in many medical institutions. Ms. Baggot is the brains behind bundled payments. She was able to initiate the platform courtesy of her leadership roles in Acute Care Episodes. The success of consulting practices is also attributed to Deirdre Baggot.

She has successfully initiated client relationships and executed several strategies and programs in over 200 hospitals. Also, she has designed over 60 bundles working in many healthcare centers across the United States. At a minimized cost, she has enhanced the patient experience and improved clinical results. Visit to know more about Baggot

Deirdre Baggot serves as a consultant to a variety of top leadership and health system committees. Also, her extensive expertise in bundled payments has made her a regular employee at many many centers offering Medicare services.

Deirdre Baggot is highly committed and dedicated to her job. She has won several awards in her line of duty, and this includes the prestigious recognition she acquired on her exceptional contribution of bundled payments.

She spends part of her time holding medical conferences and workshops. Some of them include Innovation Summit conference, the Bundled Payment Congress, and the American Heart Association.

She has published over twenty-one articles regarding health care reforms, bundled payments, and payment transformations. Owing to her meteoric success, she has appeared in many platforms such as All Things Considered, Planet Money and the Morning Edition owned by National Public Radio.

Baggot is endowed with excellent leadership skills in her persona. She has served the University of Michigan Health System in over ten years.

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